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Ukraine responded to the President of Bulgaria

Jul 16, 2023

President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev said in a comment to journalists yesterday that Ukraine allegedly "insists" on waging war, and the whole of Europe "pays the bills" for it. The Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria "categorically declares" in response that Ukraine is making all possible efforts to restore peace.


Yesterday, Radev once again spoke out against the provision of military aid to Ukraine: "Our rulers convulsively try to convince us that by sending military aid, they, on the contrary, increase our security. This conflict is deepening, there are more victims, the more weapons it absorbs, the more it will be dead people and destruction".

In response, the Ukrainian embassy emphasized that Ukraine wants peace most of all, and it is the aggressor who insists on waging war.

Diplomats noted that blaming the war on Ukraine, which was attacked by its northern neighbor, is one of the most common pillars of Russian propaganda.

"Only the Kremlin regime and its followers avoid calling Russia's war against Ukraine the word 'war', masking Russian aggression and genocide against the Ukrainian people under the phrases 'conflict' and 'special operation,'" the embassy emphasized.

Diplomats noted that providing Ukraine with means of defense does not lead to an increase in the number of victims and destruction, but on the contrary, it means more saved lives of Ukrainians.

"Given the pre-election campaign for local elections, the embassy appeals to some political forces, urging them to refrain from making accusations against Ukraine, which is suffering from Russian military aggression," the diplomats added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/07/2023

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