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Ukrainian Armed Forces defeat Redoubt PMC unit and capture a prisoner

Apr 26, 2023

A Russian occupier from Orenburg, Oleksiy, who will be 48 years old in June, was captured by Ukrainian soldiers.


This invader says that he is a contractor of the Redoubt PMC. He got there from a unit created by Gazprom, the Russian gas production and distribution monopoly, the largest corporation in Russia.

According to Oleksiy, Gazprom created three divisions - Fakel, Flame, and Potok. He was in Potok, which was transferred to the ranks of the Redoubt PMC. The other two units were sent to the Defense Ministry.

At Gazprom, Oleksiy worked as a senior security guard.

He fought in the north of Bakhmut, where his unit took over the positions previously held by the 20th assault unit of the Wagner PMC. One day, a battle broke out during which they came under mortar fire. Oleksiy was wounded in the arms, legs, and under the eye. They tried to evacuate him, but left him on the battlefield and never returned. After that, he crawled in the woods for four days until he came to the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and surrendered.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/04/2023

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