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Ukrainian Armed Forces repel invaders near Vuhledar

Feb 6, 2023

After a period of attempts to capture Vuhledar, the Russian fascist occupiers calmed down a bit. According to Yevhen Nazarenko, a spokesman for the 68th Separate Ranger Brigade, this was due to the rebuff by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the heavy losses of the invaders.


According to him, the assaults were head-on and from two sides, but the 68th Brigade and the 72nd Brigade successfully repelled them.

Now the Russians are not attacking, shelling and artillery duels continue, but not of a very high intensity. There are no preparations for any major offensive in this area either.

Nazarenko says that there is information about the accumulation of enemy forces near Kreminna, where they want to somehow respond to our paratroopers who have been chasing them for a long time.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 06/02/2023

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