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Ukrainian pilot tells why there was a massive aviation crash in Russia

May 15, 2023

Ukrainian pilot Vadym Voroshilov, call sign Karaya, has named the reason why a massive downing of Russian aircraft could have occurred. According to him, it was "friendly fire."


The pilot noted that one of the main versions of the Russians is that the Ukrainian military has F-16 aircraft with AIM-120 air-to-air missiles.

"Perhaps the Patriot system has been redeployed to the border of their country, which is another version. And, of course, as always, they like the version about the DRG that worked," Voroshilov said.

Karaya said that Ukraine's military has started using a new type of aviation weapon received from the UK. According to him, the Russians are very scared of Ukrainian weapons.

"Their stationary ground-based air defense systems are constantly on standby... And they consider any air target to be our new type of weapon. That's why they are scared of it. And their interaction is as unorganized as possible... Therefore, I believe that it was a "friendly fire," Voroshilov said.

The pilot added that prior to the crash in Russia, the Ukrainian military had already observed enemy air defense systems shooting down their own air targets and aircraft.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 15/05/2023

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