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US Congressional delegation visits Bucha

May 6, 2023

A delegation of the United States Congress, which included members of the Helsinki Commission, visited Bucha, Kyiv region.


According to an Ukrinform correspondent, the head of the delegation, Helsinki Commission Chairman Joe Wilson, its member Stephen Cohen, and U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter honored the memory of those killed in Bucha by laying flowers and holding a minute of silence.

They also viewed photographs taken in the town immediately after its liberation and talked to families who had been victims of Russian crimes.

"It's important for Americans to know about the horrors that took place here and to be inspired by the people of Ukraine in the standoff, in the bipartisan work of Republicans and Democrats in Congress who support the victory of the people of Ukraine, that is, the restoration of territorial integrity," Joe Wilson said.

In his turn, Michael Carpenter emphasized that it is necessary to talk about the human dimension of the tragedy: "So that our colleagues from all over the world understand what is at stake. This is about freedom - not just about principles. It is about dignity, about what is right in this world. What we saw today was very emotional."

He also said that the United States will help Ukraine ensure accountability for every child deported by the Russians and work with Kyiv to reunite families and help victims.

He noted that the report published within the framework of the OSCE's Moscow Mechanism conclusively shows that the situation with Ukrainian children forcibly deported to Russian-controlled territory or the territory of the Russian Federation is a serious violation of the Geneva Convention, a war crime and, probably, a crime against humanity.

"We need to ensure accountability for each of these crimes. We will work with the government of Ukraine, we will follow their lead and assist them in whatever way they see fit to help reunite families and provide psychological assistance to the children and families affected," Carpenter said.

The American ambassador emphasized that the Russians involved in these practices should know that there will be accountability for every child taken from their own home and family, and the United States will work to ensure that.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 06/05/2023

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