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US finds out who attacked Kremlin with drones

May 25, 2023

After a preliminary analysis, U.S. intelligence agencies believe that Ukraine was probably involved in the drone attack on the Kremlin in early May.


Thus, U.S. intelligence agencies believe that the attack was most likely organized by Ukrainian intelligence agencies, but they do not know which agency. American intelligence also has no information on whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy knew about the attack, the NYT writes.

The newspaper notes that some US officials initially considered the possibility that the attack could have been carried out by the Russian authorities as a "false flag operation." After studying the intercepted conversations of Russian officials, US intelligence is inclined to believe that the attack was carried out by the Ukrainian side.

"The U.S. also intercepted Ukrainian conversations in which officials expressed the opinion that their country was behind the action. But these officials apparently did not know who in the Ukrainian system could have planned and carried out the attack," the newspaper writes.

The NYT sources explained that the US intelligence services have an incomplete picture of the work of Ukrainian security forces. There are at least three influential security agencies in Ukraine with their own special operations forces that compete with each other - the Armed Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate, the newspaper's sources said.

Many risky operations can be carried out without the direct approval of President Zelenskyy, which gives him the opportunity to deny his knowledge of a particular operation, the NYT sources said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/05/2023

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