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Wallace: Putin should not expect us to end support for Ukraine

Jan 20, 2023

Minister of Defense of Great Britain Ben Wallace said that the President of the Russian Federation should not expect that the West will eventually weaken its support for Ukraine.

He said this at a press conference in Estonia, reports Sky News.

"If President Putin expects us to get bored this year, he's wrong. We are not going anywhere, Mr. Putin, we are in this for the long haul. We are standing next to Ukraine. You need a recount, you need a change. You need to leave Ukraine," Wallace said.

The minister said he would continue to support Ukraine "this year and next year," adding that Britain was "focused on the long term".


He added that it is vital that Russia understand that it will be "pushed back from Ukraine" and its sovereignty will be restored.

The defense secretary added that Britain would send 600 Brimstone missiles "into the theater of war" to help Ukraine. This is in addition to the Challenger 2 armored vehicles and tanks.

"It will be incredibly important to help Ukraine dominate the battlefield," he said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 20/01/2023

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