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We should not repeat the mistakes of our enemies

Jun 25, 2023

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar called for not repeating the mistakes of the Russians. She noted that the enemy got involved in this losing war because they underestimated us and did not understand our mentality.


The deputy minister explained that it is necessary to fight the Russians taking into account a number of factors, including

  • they have an advantage in terms of numbers of people, weapons and military equipment
  • they always lie. They lie to everyone and even to each other. Everything, even their historical identity, is built on lies
  • they have a deep trauma of losing dominance in the post-Soviet space. Therefore, their key internal need, which underlies all conflicts, is the desire to dominate
  • this state has no red lines in its behavior at all
  • despite the outwardly totalitarian nature of the regime, the system is a mess inside, so anything can "break out" anywhere and everywhere
  • In conclusion, Malyar called for the absence of "sentiment, hopes, and illusions."
We are becoming even stronger and destroying the enemy even more powerfully," she emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/06/2023

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