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White House doesn’t confirm Iran sending missiles to Russia – Politico

Feb 23, 2024

The United States cannot confirm the information that Iran has transferred ballistic missiles to Russia.

This was stated by the coordinator of the White House National Security Council John Kirby, according to Politico.


According to him, the United States has already warned of Russia's attempts to purchase ballistic missiles from Iran in exchange for enhanced military cooperation with Tehran.

"We have not seen any confirmation that missiles have actually moved from Iran to Russia,” Kirby said, but said that at the same time, “we have no reason to believe that they will not follow through" Kirby said.

He also said that the White House will unveil new sanctions against Iran in the coming days in response to its sale of weapons to Russia in Ukraine. It is about Shahed drones.

"We will implement additional sanctions against Iran and we will coordinate further response options with our allies and partners in Europe and elsewhere," he said.

Kirby also noted that the United States has already demonstrated the ability to take action in response to the military partnership between Russia and Iran in the past. This will continue to be the case in response to Iran's continued support for Russia's brutal war.

As a reminder, Iran was the first country to supply Russia with weapons for the war with Ukraine. For example, the Russian army consistently receives Shahed attack drones from Iran, which attack Ukrainian cities and infrastructure. In addition, Iran has helped Russia set up its own production of these drones.

In addition to Iran, North Korea supplies Russia with weapons. Initially, Russia received artillery shells and ammunition for MLRS from the DPRK.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 23/02/2024

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