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White House: the battle for Bakhmut continues

Apr 3, 2023

On Monday, John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator for the U.S. National Security Council, said that the Ukrainian side continues to "fight hard for Bakhmut" in Donetsk Oblast, despite the claims of Russian propagandists.

According to Voice of America, he said this at a briefing on Monday.

The White House representative emphasized that Ukrainian troops are still in Bakhmut, so the city has not fallen into Russian hands.

"We've talked a lot before about the high level of casualties in Bakhmut and how the Wagner group continues to just throw their recruits, many of them ex-convicts, into a meat grinder. So that kind of brutality, that kind of manpower effort is pretty staggering when you consider how much Russia has thrown at this town," he added.

Kirby emphasized that Bakhmut is of great importance to Ukrainians, and we certainly respect that and understand that, adding that the retreat of Ukrainian forces from Bakhmut will not change the dynamics of the battle from a strategic perspective.

"But as far as we can see today, the battle for Bakhmut is not over and the Ukrainians have not been thrown back. And again, (the fighting - ed.) continues to be quite fierce and quite close," the US National Security Council spokesman emphasized.

Author - Olena Madiak, 03/04/2023

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