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Zelenskyy explains why Europe Day will be celebrated on May 9

May 8, 2023

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has explained why Ukrainians will celebrate Europe Day on May 9.

He wrote about this on his Telegram channel.

"Unfortunately, evil has returned. Just as 80 years ago, evil rushed to our cities and villages, so it is doing so now... We are not alone against evil now. We are fighting against it, relying on the common strength of the peoples of the free world," Zelenskyy said.


According to him, the tradition of celebrating Europe Day "to celebrate the peace and unity achieved" was established many years ago.

"Every year, starting tomorrow, on May 9, we will honor our historical unity - the unity of all Europeans who destroyed Nazism and will defeat racism. It will be the Day of Europe, which has been supporting Ukrainians for all nine years of Russian aggression and 439 days of a full-scale invasion. This will be the Day of Europe, which helps us fight in all directions. This will be the Day of Europe - our ally. This will be the Day of Europe - our Europe, of which Ukraine has always been, is and will be a part," Zelenskyy emphasized.

Author - Olena Madiak, 08/05/2023

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