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A powerful explosion occurred in Donetsk

Jun 1, 2023

Late this morning, the central and rear Kalininsky district of occupied Donetsk was hit by "cotton". This was reported by locals on social media and telegram channels, posting relevant videos.


A local Ukrainian patriot and well-known blogger "Necro Mancer" suggests that three high-precision GMRLS shells from a HIMARS multiple launch rocket system arrived. Details are currently unknown.

Despite the desperate attempts of the Russian occupiers to push the Defense Forces away from Donetsk and their certain successes, the city still remains within the range of conventional artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, the HIMARS MLRS.

However, most of the shelling of Donetsk is the work of the Russian occupiers.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/06/2023

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