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Antonov Bridge - Russian Vulnerability in Kherson Region

Jul 20, 2022

Control over the Dnieper crossings is likely to be a key factor in the outcome of hostilities in the Kherson region.

This is stated in the daily report of the British intelligence, written by European Pravda.

It is noted that on July 19, the authorities of Russian-occupied Kherson reported that Ukrainian forces struck the Antonov bridge over the Dnieper.

"Reports on social networks showed obvious combat damage to the roadway of the bridge. It is very likely that the bridge can be used, but it is a key vulnerability for Russian forces," the report said.

The bridge is one of two crossing points across the Dnieper River through which Russia can supply or withdraw its troops in the territory it occupies west of the river.


This area includes the city of Kherson, which is politically and symbolically important to Russia. The lower reaches of the Dnieper River are a natural barrier, the width of the waterway is usually about 1,000 meters.

The day before, the deputy chairman of the Kherson regional council, Yuri Sobolevsky, reported that the Antonovsky bridge was damaged, but remained serviceable.

Author - Olena Madiak, 20/07/2022

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