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Berlin accuses Putin of nuclear intimidation attempt

Mar 27, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement about the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus has drawn criticism and accusations from the German government.

The German Foreign Ministry's reaction is cited by Bild.

After the announcement by the Russian president on Saturday evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin announced a "further attempt at nuclear intimidation" by Russia.

The ministry criticized Putin's argument that the United States deploys its nuclear weapons in a number of European countries.

"The comparison made by President Putin regarding the distribution of NATO nuclear forces is misleading and cannot be used to justify the step announced by Russia," the German Foreign Ministry said.

Moreover, Belarus has pledged to be free of nuclear weapons in several declarations at the international level, Berlin added.

Putin claimed that Russia is not transferring nuclear weapons to Belarus, but is deploying its weapons on its territory.

Author - Olena Madiak, 27/03/2023

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