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Denmark hands over unique maritime drones to Ukraine

Nov 17, 2023

Denmark has handed over unique drones to the Ukrainian Navy - SeaBat T51 autonomous hydrographic systems, which, among other things, allow the detection of underwater objects.

This was reported to the ArmyInform news agency by the head of the hydrographic service of the Ukrainian Navy, Captain 1st Rank Roman Honcharenko.

According to him, these drones are equipped with a multibeam echo sounder designed to survey the bottom topography for situational awareness of the underwater space.


"The main task of a multibeam echo sounder is to collect accurate data about the seabed and the marine environment. It can then be processed and used to create and update nautical charts and tablets to support safe navigation in the area," said Honcharenko.

He explained that this makes it possible to know the existing underwater obstacles and choose the right mooring places for boats, as well as passage options and routes for vessels.

"It will significantly enhance the ability to study the seabed, which is sometimes crucial for maritime safety and environmental protection. Autonomous sonar control with artificial intelligence is specially designed for SeaBat T51 - this unique SeaBat innovation provides reliable data and hands-free sonar operation, which allows for more efficient surveying with less workload for the operator," said Goncharenko.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/11/2023

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