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Germany to send 66 more armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

Jun 5, 2023

The German government and Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH have signed a contract for the supply of 66 FFG APC armored personnel carriers for future delivery to Ukraine.


This was reported by ntv.

"To support Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression, the German government has purchased more military equipment. A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Defense said that a contract for 66 armored personnel carriers was signed with Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH (FFG)," the report said.

Thus, as the TV channel notes, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive FFG APCs from Germany, rather than Fuchs armored personnel carriers from the Rheinmetall company - contrary to Ukraine's expectations - and FFG APC armored personnel carriers. These "all-terrain vehicles" are being completed in Flensburg and will be used for protected troop transportation after they are handed over to the Ukrainian side. According to media reports, these will be light armored wheeled vehicles of the BATT UMG type, which will be equipped only under license in Flensburg.

The German government explained that Rheinmetall's Fuchs armored personnel carriers, which have been in service with the Bundeswehr in numerous versions since the 1980s, were an alternative. However, they would have been six to seven times more expensive than the FFG armored personnel carrier. That is why the choice was finally made for the FFG APC.

"The needs of Ukraine are always in the center of attention," explained the spokeswoman for the German Defense Ministry.

According to her, "every procurement" is discussed in detail with the Ukrainian side. The Special Group on Ukraine pays attention not only to the cost but also to the possible delivery time. It is also important that the equipment is "delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible."

It is not known when the armored personnel carriers from Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH will arrive in Ukraine. For obvious reasons, the German government is not providing any more details about the delivery.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 05/06/2023

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