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Germany to test companies' readiness for gas cutoffs

Jun 19, 2023

Germany's Federal Network Agency plans to conduct large-scale emergency drills with companies in September to test their readiness for a sharp reduction in gas supplies.

Bloomberg reports.

According to a representative of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, the one-day test will be the first of its kind and will cover various states, departments, network operators, gas suppliers, and large industrial customers.

The main focus will be on communication and the regulator's decision-making procedure in case of gas supply problems.


Germany, like the rest of the European Union, managed to avoid a crisis due to the reduction in gas supplies from Russia last winter but has not yet lifted the state of emergency introduced in June 2022.

Last week, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck warned that Germany may still be forced to curtail some industrial gas use or abandon it altogether if the gas transit agreement with Russia is not extended beyond 2024.

German gas storage operators have also warned that storage facilities could be completely exhausted by January 2024, even if the current low gas demand continues.

Author - Olena Madiak, 19/06/2023

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