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Iran warned Russia of security threat before attack near Moscow

Apr 2, 2024

Iran has warned Russia of the possibility of a major "terrorist operation" on its territory ahead of the massacre at the Crocus City Hall concert hall near Moscow in March.

Three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

One of the agency's anonymous sources noted that a few days before the terrorist attack in Russia, Tehran shared information with Moscow about a possible major terrorist attack on Russian territory. The information was allegedly obtained during interrogations of those arrested in connection with the deadly bombings in Iran.


The Iranian Intelligence Ministry said in January that it had arrested 35 people involved in the twin bombings on 3 January in the southeastern city of Kerman, which killed about 100 people. On 19 January, the ministry said it had arrested the commander of the Islamic State's Afghan branch, ISIS-Khorasan.

"The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombings in Iran, the bloodiest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. US intelligence sources said that ISIS-Khorasan carried out both the 3 January attacks in Iran and the 22 March shooting near Moscow.

A second source, who also wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue, said that the information Tehran provided to Moscow about the upcoming attack did not include specific details about the time and exact target.

Author - Olena Madiak, 02/04/2024

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