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Moldova wants to open a center to combat Russian propaganda

May 29, 2023

Moldova is going to open a state center to counter disinformation and propaganda.

This was stated by President Maia Sandu, RBC-Ukraine reports, citing NewsMaker.


Sandu intends to propose to the parliament to create the National Center for Protection of Information Space and Combating Propaganda "Patriot". The institution will coordinate and implement the country's information security policy and ensure strategic communication to prevent and combat disinformation.

"Every day the Kremlin and criminal groups conduct hybrid attacks, using weapons of propaganda to sow hatred in Moldova, to weaken our trust in each other and in our state. Because the Kremlin can't get to us on tanks, it sponsors the spread of lies in the media and social networks, investing huge amounts of money, funding criminal groups with dirty money," the Moldovan president said.

She added that the lies broadcast on television and the Internet have become the most dangerous weapon.

According to her, the institution will have two main tasks.

The first task is to transmit reliable data to the public and ensure a continuous dialogue with the population, cooperating with all bodies of the state to promote national interests and increase resilience in the face of disinformation.

The second task is to identify, assess and combat disinformation in order to eliminate the risks of hybrid and informational threats to the security of the country.

Sandu added that on May 30, the text of the draft law on the creation of the new institution will be published on the website of the presidential administration for public consultations. By the end of June, the draft will be submitted to parliament for approval.

"We must not let them divide us and weaken our country. It depends on us, on the whole society. Because this is their plan - a weak country, with embittered people who do not stop them from stealing and keeping Moldova poor and corrupt," Sandu added.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 29/05/2023

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