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Occupants in Bakhmut are actually trapped

Jul 6, 2023

The hottest spots are now at the Liman and Bakhmut directions.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are gradually advancing in the east, and the Russians are actually trapped in Bakhmut.


This was stated by Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar.

She clarifies that the "hottest" situation is now in the east, in the Lyman and Bakhmut directions.

"There is an active struggle between the two sides to see who will take the initiative," says Malyar.

According to her, the enemy is actually trapped in Bakhmut itself. The occupants control most of the city, but cannot move around Bakhmut because our Armed Forces do not allow them to do so.

"And they cannot actually leave, because the Armed Forces do not allow them to do so either," said the Deputy Defense Minister.

However, the occupants are not going to surrender the city, they are moving reserves there and using "barrier units" to shoot at those who retreat.

As for the situation on the flanks in the Bakhmut sector, Malyar says it is too early to talk about the advance, as the situation can change hourly until the positions are secured.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 06/07/2023

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