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Russia has a very large number of 1.5-ton planning bombs in service

Apr 2, 2024

The enemy has a lot of powerful 1,500-kilogram bombs with which it is trying to exhaust the Ukrainian air defense system.

This was stated by the speaker of the Air Force of the AFU Ilya Yevlash, Ukrinform reports.

"This is a very powerful weapon - 1500 kg is enough to fold a completely 9-story panel house or old "Khrushchevka". Of course, there are a lot of such bombs in Russia, and the fact that they use them, they are trying to exhaust our air defense system. Our main task now is to fight directly against the carriers that use these bombs, namely Su-34 and Su-35 airplanes. Of course, this is not an easy task, but we have shown that we can now perform such ultra-complicated operations," Yevlash said.

At the same time, he emphasized that Ukraine needs Western defense systems.

"We need more Western systems. Unfortunately, we cannot produce them on our own now. Therefore, we rely on our partners in this matter and thank them very much for their support," the speaker said.

Answering the question about the shelling of Ukraine with Kalibr cruise missiles, Yevlash noted that this is a rather serious precision weapon.

"Of course, this weapon has quite a powerful effect, including it remains quite accurate. Our air defense units have already proved more than once, and quite often we have shot down 100 out of 100% exactly Kalibr-type cruise missiles. Of course, their range is high enough to cover almost the entire territory of Ukraine. And we use different forces and means against it, including REB units, which are quite skillful, allow us to fight and shoot down these missiles from the course", - said the speaker.

He added that to shoot down a large number of missiles requires a large number of air defense systems, which Ukraine expects so much.

In addition, Yevlash confirmed that only the Patriot complex, which has repeatedly proved its effectiveness, can shoot down the Russian hypersonic anti-ship missile Zirkon.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 02/04/2024

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