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Russia lost at least 5,010 pieces of equipment, Ukraine about 1,380

Aug 1, 2022

Russia has already lost more than 5,000 pieces of equipment since the beginning of the invasion.

Such data are provided by the Orynx analytical project, which, according to open data, collects information about the military losses of Russia and Ukraine during the war.

Of these, almost 3,200 pieces of equipment were destroyed, and the Ukrainian side captured another 1,400.

In particular, we are talking about tanks – 916 (556 of them were destroyed, 277 captured), armored fighting vehicles – 506 (334 destroyed, 131 captured), and armored infantry vehicles – 987 (644 destroyed, 254 captured).


At the same time, the project estimates Ukraine’s losses at 1386 units, including 232 tanks (110 destroyed, 108 captured), 116 armored combat vehicles (56 destroyed, 57 captured), and 173 infantry fighting vehicles (101 destroyed, 58 captured).

A complete list of Russian technological losses is published on the Oryx website.

Since Oryx counts only those vehicles and guns in the photo or video, their data is somewhat more conservative than the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine represents.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russia alone lost more than 4,000 armored fighting vehicles and 1,768 tanks, as of August 1.

Author - Anastasiya Glotova, 01/08/2022

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