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Russian army fired 15 times at the border of the Sumy region

Jun 1, 2023

Russian occupiers shelled the border areas of the Sumy region with artillery and mortars 15 times over the past day, with at least one hundred explosions.


This was reported by the Sumy Regional Military Administration on its Telegram channel.

In particular, the invaders fired at the Velykopysarivska community from self-propelled artillery systems, causing 28 explosions.

The Krasnopilska community was subjected to Russian artillery shelling, which resulted in 40 explosions. The enemy fire damaged the buildings of the enterprise, which is currently out of operation, as well as five private and two two-story residential buildings (windows were smashed, walls and fences were cut, and the roof was damaged).

Russian troops delivered mortar attacks on the Yunakivska and Seredina-Budska communities, resulting in five and one explosions, respectively. In the latter, two residential buildings, a summer kitchen, two outbuildings, and a non-residential building were damaged by enemy shelling.

The invaders fired at the Bilopilska community with self-propelled artillery and mortars, resulting in five and 21 explosions, respectively.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 02/06/2023

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