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Russians concentrated most of their forces in the Kupyansk direction

Aug 5, 2023

Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar said that the Russian occupiers have concentrated most of their forces in the Kupyansk direction.


Source: Malyar on the air of the telethon

"Most of their forces are now concentrated in the Kupyansk direction. By the way, one of their tasks is to return the territories we liberated in the fall. And it is important for them now both from a moral and military point of view."

According to Malyar, the Russians are currently throwing huge forces in the Bakhmut direction: "We have always talked about moving forward on the flanks around Bakhmut because it was important for us to take the dominant heights. And we are moving forward slowly, but at the same time persistently and confidently, on the southern flank."

As for the northern flank, according to the deputy minister, the enemy is attacking and trying to take the heights that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already taken control of. Malyar added that very fierce fighting is taking place.

Answering a question about the nighttime explosions in Crimea near Feodosia, she said that the Defense Ministry is monitoring the situation in the temporarily occupied territories:

"The instability that is happening there is predictable, because the war is ongoing and our strategic plans are to liberate all our territories."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 05/08/2023

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