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Russians launched a record number of "Shaheds" in Ukraine in September

Oct 1, 2023

The Russian occupation forces launched a record number of Shahedi attack drones in Ukraine in a month. We are talking about more than 500 drones.


This was reported by Defense Express. As noted, 503 "Shahed-136" in a month is a record for the use of such kamikaze drones by Russians during the entire period of full-scale war.

The previous record for the use of Shaheds was set in May of this year - 413 drones. At the same time, the invaders launched 197 of these drones in June, 246 in July, and 167 in August.

In September, 503 Shaheds were attacked at once. The Ukrainian Air Force managed to shoot down 396 of them, or 78.7% of all enemy targets.

The use of such Iranian-made drones costs Russian troops relatively little money. If Russia receives drones from Iran at cost, then the attacks in September by 503 Shaheds cost only $10-20 million. One drone costs 20-40 thousand dollars without a markup.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 02/10/2023

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