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Switzerland froze only 5% of Russian assets

Apr 2, 2024

So far, Switzerland has frozen only 5% of Russian financial assets under its jurisdiction. Ukraine hopes for more.


This was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing a statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in an interview with Swissinfo.

According to him, Russian assets worth 7.5 billion francs ($8.2 billion) have been frozen in Switzerland. These are the assets of Russian individuals who have been subject to Swiss sanctions.

At the same time, this amount is only 5% of the total amount of Russian assets in Switzerland, as their total volume is estimated at 150 billion francs.

"We believe that Switzerland has the opportunity to do more. Such actions will make it clear that aggression is unacceptable and that everyone must abide by the rules. This will be a powerful deterrent for any country that is tempted to launch armed aggression," Kuleba emphasized.

The minister noted that Russia is unlikely to voluntarily agree to compensate Ukraine for the damage caused by the war. Therefore, Russian assets blocked by Western countries should be used to compensate for these losses.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/04/2024

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