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The Pentagon calls on the US Congress to vote for aid to Ukraine

Nov 17, 2023

The US Department of Defense continues to urge Congress to vote for the bill on additional support for Ukraine "because it is an emergency urgent request, not part of the current budget process."


This was stated by Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, Censor.NET reports citing Voice of America.

Singh emphasized that $4.9 billion of the money allocated for the supply of weapons from US warehouses to Ukraine remained. The United States has about $1.1 billion more to replenish its own stockpiles. The replenishment of weapons stocks in US warehouses is part of the aid package for Ukraine.

The Pentagon spokeswoman reminded that aid packages to Ukraine are "being rolled out consistently," but the situation is currently uncertain given the situation with the voting in Congress.

"We have had to stretch out our support for our security systems for Ukraine for a longer period of time because we don't have additional funding because the supplemental has not been passed," Singh answered the Voice of America's question.
"Ukraine continues to advance, and it needs constant support on a regular basis," the Pentagon official emphasized and assured that the US Department of Defense intends to continue to meet the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield. "That is why we have asked for an additional funding package to help Ukraine, as well as to replenish our own defense stockpiles," she emphasized.

In addition, the Pentagon, the spokeswoman assured, continues to talk to allies and partners:

"We are not the only country here that is contributing to Ukraine's needs, as you know, the contact group on Ukraine consists of more than 50 countries. At the same time, the president has made it very clear that we will support Ukraine for as long as it takes."

Singh declined to predict how long the available U.S. assistance will last for Ukraine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 17/11/2023

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