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U.S.: over 75,000 Russian soldiers killed or wounded in war in Ukraine

Jul 28, 2022

Biden administration officials told House lawmakers in a closed briefing that more than 75,000 Russians were killed or wounded during the war in Ukraine.

This is reported by CNN.

“We were briefed that over 75,000 Russians have either been killed or wounded, which is huge, you've got incredible amounts of investment in their land forces, over 80% of their land forces are bogged down, and they're tired,” Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee and recently visited Ukraine.


US and Western officials have said in recent weeks that the next few weeks of war will be crucial, because the Ukrainians are going to try to mount a major counteroffensive in the south

“The sort of main conversation in the briefing was, you know, what more we can and should be doing for the Ukrainians, literally in the next three to six weeks, very urgently. Ukrainians want to go to the south and do operations in the south. And we want them to be as successful as possible,” Slotkin said.   

According to the outlet, Richard Moore, the head of the UK’s secret intelligence service, MI6, said last week at the Aspen Security Forum that he believes the Russians will begin to lose steam in the coming weeks because they are running out of manpower

US and western officials believe Ukraine will aim to take back the southern city of Kherson, which has been occupied by Russia since March. 

Meanwhile, according to the Western estimations, Russia has ultimately lost the initiative in the battle of Donbas

Author - Anastasiya Glotova, 28/07/2022

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