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Ukraine destroyed Tu-22M3 aircraft & Kh-22 missiles for the first time

Apr 19, 2024

On April 19, the Ukrainian military announced that it had shot down a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber for the first time. This is a carrier of Kh-22 cruise missiles, which could have been used to attack Ukrainian cities today, during another massive strike.

This was reported by BBC News Ukraine.


This time, for the first time, the military managed to destroy both the Tu-22M3 and two X-22 cruise missiles.

It was a joint operation of military intelligence and the air force, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported. It published a video, apparently from the headquarters at the time of the alleged downing of the plane.

"It was a kind of vendetta for the fact that Russian strategic aviation attacked our peaceful cities today, where civilians were killed," Air Force spokesman Ilya Yevlash told Radio Liberty.

"This is a combo. Today is a black day for the Russian propaganda media. I think they will be very, very unhappy today. Everything happens for the first time. We shot down a Kinzhal for the first time, and a Zircon for the first time. Now we have shot down a Tu-22 for the first time. Now we are waiting for the Tu-95," the spokesman added.

The Russian Defense Ministry has a different version - the Tu-22MZ "crashed after a combat mission". According to their preliminary data, the cause of the crash could be a "technical malfunction".

The Russians say that the plane crashed in the Stavropol Territory in a deserted area, there is no destruction on the ground and there was no ammunition on board the Tu-22MZ.

"The pilots ejected, three crew members have already been found, and the search for another pilot is ongoing," the Russian agency said.

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti, citing the governor, said that at least one pilot was killed.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine claims that the Tu-22MZ was shot down at a distance of about 300 kilometers from Ukraine "with the same means that had previously hit the Russian A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft".

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 19/04/2024

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