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Umerov held a meeting with the British ambassador

Dec 3, 2023

Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov held a meeting with the British Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Harris and discussed with him, in particular, the topic of defense procurement.


As reported by Ukrinform, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informed about this.

During the meeting, the head of the Ministry of Defense congratulated Harris on his appointment and thanked him for the assistance provided by Britain to Ukraine.

The minister introduced the ambassador to one of his deputies - Lieutenant General Ivan Gavrylyuk, whose area of responsibility is the development of new weapons and military standards.

He also announced the appointment of a new deputy who will be responsible for receiving and supporting equipment in the rear, Vitaliy Polovenko.

The minister emphasized that all purchases should be transparent, and all supplies should be uninterrupted, but if "any company or official is compromised, they should be eliminated."

Umerov himself emphasized on Facebook that Britain was the first European country to send weapons to the Ukrainian army to repel Russian aggression.

The head of the Ministry of Defense informed Harris about the main areas of work in his position. "All the reforms we are carrying out, in particular in the field of lethal and non-lethal procurement and defense production, are extremely important for our accession to NATO," he emphasized.

The minister proposed holding regular telephone talks with the head of the British Defense Department, Grant Shapps.

"I believe that such conversations would be a good opportunity for consultations on all issues related to our cooperation with Great Britain and the North Atlantic Alliance," Umyerov noted.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/12/2023

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