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UN Security Council condemned the Russian strike in Kremenchuk

Jun 29, 2022

In the June 28 meeting, the countries noted the need for a professional investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators.

A number of UN Security Council countries condemned the Russian strike on the Kremenchug shopping mall, which the occupant army carried out on June 27.

The statement of Albania, France, Ireland, Norway, the UK, the US and Ukraine (not a member of the Security Council) was published by Ukrainian UN representative Sergiy Kyslytsya on his Facebook.


“We, members of the Security Council […] reiterate our full support for the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. We strongly condemn the intensification of Russian missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine, targeting residential areas and civilian infrastructure, over the period of 25-27 June 2022”, the statement says.

The countries “condemn in the strongest terms the killing of civilians as a result of these missile attacks, in particular the attack that hit a crowded shopping center in Kremenchuk, Poltava region of Ukraine”.

The countries emphasized on the need of a fair investigation of the Russian war crimes.

“We underline the need to conduct an objective, professional and independent investigation, to hold to account those who violate international humanitarian law and bring the perpetrators of war crimes to justice. In this respect, we fully support the ongoing investigation of the ICC, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and other international investigations. We call on all states to cooperate fully with efforts to ensure accountability”, the statement says.

The members of the UN Security Council are also demanding “an immediate cessation of the hostilities by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, of all attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, and the full and immediate withdrawal of the Russian forces and military equipment from within Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders and territorial waters”.

Author - Andrew Klark, 29/06/2022

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