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U.S. Congress to support transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine

Jul 29, 2022

Providing ATACMS missiles to Ukraine has unanimous support from both Democrats and Republicans.

Amids Ukraine’s successes, U.S. parliamentarians have again raised the issue of the transfer of long-range ATACMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine.

The transfer of these weapons has bipartisan support from both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives. This was reported by Democratic Party member Elissa Slotkin, according to CNN.


One of the main arguments for Washington to transfer these missiles is the very high effectiveness of the use of Western weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and successes on the battlefield, which must be supported by new weapons.

In particular, according to the Pentagon’s estimates Russian army losses of 75 thousand dead and wounded are confirmed, and 80% of the Russian ground forces are mired in the defense of the AFU, or have already completely stopped the offensive. These data were provided to congressmen during a closed briefing, as reported before.

Last week, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan noted that the U.S. was not prepared to provide ATACMS because the weapons could be used to strike deep into Russian territory and the White House feared excessive escalation.

Slotkin noted that the briefing mainly discussed what the U.S. could and should do for Ukraine in the next three to six weeks.

“I think that what we heard very firmly from President Zelensky and reinforced today is that the Ukrainians really want to hit Russia in the teeth a few times before the winter comes, put them in the best position possible, particularly hitting them down south,” Slotkin added.

Author - Anastasiya Glotova, 29/07/2022

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