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Kremlin threats of nuclear weapons won’t sway NATO in helping Ukraine

Mar 28, 2023

Another threat of nuclear weapons from Vladimir Putin is already familiar rhetoric, which will not shake the support of Ukraine from NATO member states.

This was stated by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Ukrinform reported.


The head of the Dutch government said at a press conference in Rotterdam that Russia's nuclear rhetoric "is not something new, we have been hearing it all the time since last April."

"There is a lot of talks, a lot of rhetoric. But Russia knows that the consequences of its use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic," Rutte stressed.

Commenting on Putin's statements on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the Dutch prime minister called them "irresponsible and dangerous", and added that Minsk would have to think about changing its constitution in this way.

Rutte also noted that NATO partner states are closely monitoring the situation with the nuclear threats of the Kremlin leader, and Putin's words will not shake the members of the Alliance in their assistance to Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced his intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The Kremlin leader's decision outraged world leaders. For example, the EU said that the relocation of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus posed a threat to European security.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 28/03/2022

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