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Turkey does not support Russia's speculations

Mar 30, 2023

All parties to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, except Russia, agree that it has been extended for 120 days - not 60, as the Russian side claims.

This was stated by Ukraine's Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine on Thursday.

He emphasized that, according to Ukraine's position, the "grain deal" was extended for 120 days, as provided for in the document signed on July 22, 2022.

"There are speculations on the part of the Russian side that it seems to want to reconsider whether it wants an extension of only 60 days. These are, of course, attempts by the aggressor country to manipulate both public opinion and mediators," the diplomat added.
"We have seen the UN Secretary General's statement that it is 120 days. We also have a clear statement and position of the Turkish side that in their understanding it is also 120 days," Bodnar emphasized.

He warned that in the coming weeks, Turkey will be holding a pre-election period, which will also coincide with the 60-day extension of the grain deal.

Author - Olena Madiak, 30/03/2023

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