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Biden and Macron want to involve China in stopping the war in Ukraine

Apr 5, 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron held a telephone conversation with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden before his visit to Beijing. The two leaders agreed to try to involve China in speeding up the end of the war in Ukraine.

This was reported by Reuters and The Guardian.

"The two leaders have mentioned their joint willingness to engage China to accelerate the end of the war in Ukraine and take part in building sustainable peace in the region," the media quoted Macron's office as saying.

In particular, Macron and Biden also hope that China can contribute to solidarity efforts between the global north and the global south and create a common agenda on climate.

From today until Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron will be in China on a visit. He intends to hold talks with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

It should be noted that according to media reports, Emmanuel Macron has already arrived at the airport in Beijing and will soon begin his visit to China.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 05/04/2022

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