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Bonduelle company congratulated racists fighting in Ukraine

Jan 1, 2023

"Come back with victory" - Bonduelle company congratulated the participants of the so-called "SMO" on the New Year in Russia.


This is reported by the Telegram channel Zaporizhzhia.Info.

Greeting cards along with food sets will be received by 10000 participants of the so-called "SMO".

The company itself allegedly notes that support for racists fighting in Ukraine is "an integral part of Bonduelle's social responsibility.

"Each soldier will receive a greeting card. Sincere wishes for a speedy victory are now no less important than the food set itself," said the head of Bonduelle in Russia.

However, independent experts are of the opinion that this provocative statement is only an initiative of the local Bonduelle representative office in Russia.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/01/2023

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