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Britain hopes Israel will not retaliate against Iran

Apr 15, 2024

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has said that Israel has the right to respond to Iran's large-scale attack, but London hopes that it will not do so.

Cameron said this on the air of the British television channel Sky News.

Cameron stressed that Iran's attack was extremely large-scale. Iran used 301 weapons, including 110 ballistic missiles and 40 cruise missiles.

"If you're sitting in Israel this morning, you're quite rightly thinking that we have every right to respond to this, and we do, but we urge them not to escalate," the British Foreign Secretary said.


"We hope that there will be no retaliation and instead the world's attention should be focused on Hamas. They are still holding hostages. They have been offered a deal that prisoners can be released from Israeli prisons in exchange for some of these hostages, and there will be a pause in the fighting. That's what needs to happen next," Cameron added.

According to him, the most sensible thing to do now would be to admit that Iran's attack has failed. "And we want to focus on that, on the harmful influence of Iran, and really focus on what's happening in Gaza and the release of the hostages," the British diplomat added.

Author - Olena Madiak, 15/04/2024

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