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Farmers protest near the border with Ukraine in Poland

Jun 7, 2023

A group of farmers is protesting near the border crossing in Medyka in the Podkarpackie region near the Polish border with Ukraine.

This is reported by RMF24.

The protesters intend to block the national road No. 28 two kilometers to the border with Ukraine.

Farmers started gathering on the DK28 road at 8 am. The protest is expected to last until 16:00.


According to a communiqué published by Podkarpacka Oszukana Wieś, "the reason for the protest is the resumption of trade liberalization with Ukraine".

Yesterday, during a briefing at a railroad crossing in Dorohusk (Lublin Voivodeship), Polish Agriculture Minister Robert Telus said that according to an EU decree, starting Tuesday, grain from contracts concluded before May 2, 2023, will no longer be unloaded in Poland.

"We came to Dorohusk to see the new European Commission regulation come into force, which again prohibits the total import of grain to Poland, but with unloading in Poland (...). Transit will continue to function," Telus explained.

Author - Olena Madiak, 07/06/2023

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