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Germany cannot prevent the US from providing cluster munitions

Jul 10, 2023

On Sunday, the German president said that his country cannot stand in the way of the United States, which has decided to send cluster munitions to Ukraine.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier said this in an interview with ZDF on Sunday.

Steinmeier said that he was the person who signed the Oslo Convention on the Prohibition of Cluster Munitions on behalf of Germany. He noted that he believes this position of Germany is still correct.


"But it (Germany - Ed.) cannot stand in the way of the United States in the current situation," the German president said.

Steinmeier noted that Germany is definitely on the side of the victim in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

He emphasized that if Ukraine no longer has the means to defend itself, or if those who support the war-torn country retreat, it will be the end of Ukraine.

Author - Olena Madiak, 10/07/2023

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