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Hungary to introduce new restrictions on agricultural imports

Apr 12, 2024

The Hungarian government plans to impose new restrictions on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, explaining by the need to protect Hungarian farmers from market fluctuations caused by cheaper Ukrainian imports.

Hungarian Agriculture Minister István Nagy said this at a briefing on 11 April, according to the AP.

Commenting on the European Union's decision to allow duty-free imports from Ukraine starting in 2022, Nagy said that this had led to a "significant oversupply and significantly lower prices" on the European agricultural market.


"Brussels and the European Commission have betrayed Hungarian farmers and instead support Ukrainian oligarchs," he said.

The Hungarian minister added that the government has adopted a five-point plan to help farmers. It includes a requirement for sellers and logistics companies to report goods subject to import restrictions that are imported through Ukraine, regardless of their country of origin.

Nagy clarified that such restrictions would also apply to processed products of Ukrainian grain.

Author - Olena Madiak, 12/04/2024

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