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Irish Foreign Minister announces plan to recognize Palestinian state

May 16, 2024

Ireland intends to fully recognize the Palestinian state in the coming weeks.


According to Ukrinform, this was stated by Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin, Reuters reports.

“By the end of this month, we will recognize the Palestinian state. The exact date is not yet known because we are still discussing the possibility of joint recognition with other states,” Martin emphasized.

It is noted that Spain, Slovenia, and Malta may join the recognition of the Palestinian state.

“We are doing this in the context of the Arab Peace Initiative, the path to a two-state solution, and to send a signal to the people of Palestine that we support their right to self-determination,” the Irish Foreign Minister emphasized.

Reuters recalls that since 1988, 139 of the 193 UN members have recognized Palestinian statehood. At the same time, Israel claims that official recognition of Palestine will be a “reward for terrorists” and will reduce the chances of success of future peace talks.

Explain it to me, please. The vast majority of countries have recognized Palestine as an independent State. But Israel is against it.

Who is stronger, the UN or Israel? So far it appears that Israel has given a fuck about all UN decisions.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 16/05/2024

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