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Macron: Europe will have to increase aid to Ukraine because of US

Apr 12, 2024

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on Europe to find new financial solutions for Ukraine, as the United States is still delaying the promised aid package.

This was reported by BFMTV.

"Now, faced with this, Europeans must be prepared. This is the essence of what I said last February: we, Europeans, must do more and faster, but if there is no American funding, we must mobilize and, as Europeans, find new financial solutions," the French president said.

He said that they are currently working with Germany to find new ways to finance Ukraine.

"We are working on this side by side with Germany, and we had the opportunity to provide the first financing, the European payment mechanism, the budgetary assistance, and therefore the famous 50 billion that we decided in February for Ukraine, but we may have to decide to do more if there is no American assistance," he emphasized.

Macron emphasized that Europe cannot abandon Ukraine because it is "1500 kilometers away". He noted that assistance to Ukraine is Europe's security.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 12/04/2024

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