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Poland could become an Abrams service center for European countries

Apr 13, 2023

Poland may become a service center for U.S. Abrams tanks, which belong not only to it, but also to other European countries.

According to PAP, this was announced by Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.


According to the minister, the deputy chairman of General Dynamics, the company that produces Abrams, visited Warsaw a few weeks ago.

"We talked about creating a service center for Abrams tanks in Poland," the head of the Defense Ministry specified.

According to Błaszczak we are mainly talking about servicing Polish tanks of this type. But potentially tanks belonging to other European countries could be serviced there. The minister reminded that the USA approved the transfer of Abrams to Ukraine.

"Poland is becoming a natural service center, and probably in the future also a center of production of Abrams tanks," he noted.

Earlier it became known that in Poland a center for the repair of Ukrainian T-64 tanks was opened. In the future, Leopard 2 tanks may be serviced there.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 13/04/2022

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