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Poland is open to the deployment of nuclear weapons

May 17, 2024

Poland is not against the deployment of nuclear weapons in the country, but there are no decisions on this yet.


This was stated by Polish President Andrzej Duda, RBC-Ukraine reports citing TVP.

“There are no decisions on joining the Nuclear Sharing program yet, but we declare our readiness... I have no doubt that the security of countries where nuclear weapons are deployed today is much higher,” the Polish president said.

He also noted that the current deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe reflects the lines of contact between the defunct Warsaw Pact and NATO countries in the early 1950s, while the changes the world is facing after the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine are so advanced that the Alliance needs to adapt.

“Today, Russia is the biggest threat not only to Poland but to the whole of Europe. We have long warned about the serious risks associated with the activities of the Russian Federation,” he said.

The President noted that if the threat was not real, Poland would not spend 4% of its GDP on defense.

“We see that Russia, waging an offensive war against Ukraine, has moved to a war economy, conducts provocative actions against NATO countries, and violates further agreements. It is Russia that is arming the Königsberg area, and it is Russia that is moving nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus. I think it is clear who is pursuing the policy of escalation here,” Duda said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 18/05/2024

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