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Pressure and assaults: the AFU assessed the situation in the south

Apr 12, 2024

The Southern Defense Forces reported that the situation on the contact line in the south remains quite difficult.


This was stated by the head of the joint press center of the Operational Command “South” Natalya Gumenyuk, Ukrinform reports.

“The situation on land on the line of contact remains quite difficult... The enemy continues to storm our positions, tries to dislodge our units from the left bank bridgehead, puts pressure on the Robotine direction, continues his attacks on the Staromayorsky direction, but does not use armored vehicles. If in the Zaporozhye segment of the front he uses aviation, then in the Kherson direction, on the left bank bridgehead, he mainly focuses on the use of artillery, mortars, and drones,” Gumenyuk said.

According to her, the enemy’s assault activity remains “more or less stable.”

The speaker clarified that in recent days the enemy has been trying to apply pressure in the traditional way, and the testing of new means of conducting assault operations - many smaller groups - has not justified itself.

Informing about the situation on the left bank of the Dnieper, the speaker noted that significant changes on the contact line have not been recorded there since September 2023.

“There was actually no change in positions because the clashes took place in an area where it is impossible to clearly record them. That is, we have specific positions, and we are further working to expand the bridgehead, but the enemy continues to put pressure, trying to knock us out of those positions because he understands that it is they that allow us to further reconnaissance and study the potential of our advance. However, as a result of these assaults, the enemy has suffered losses and is now focused on forming new assault units. Therefore, this kind of “Groundhog Day” happens almost every day for them: launching assaults, losses, creating new units - and again in a circle,” the speaker noted.

She added that the effective work of the air defense forces in the Odessa region does not allow the enemy to achieve their goals. At the same time, the invaders continue to conduct reconnaissance work with drones in order to correct their attacks.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 13/04/2024

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