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Rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon, wounding 14 soldiers

Apr 18, 2024

At least 14 Israeli soldiers were injured in an airstrike from Lebanon on Israel.


As reported by Ukrinform, Reuters writes about this.

Lebanon's Hezbollah said on Wednesday it launched missiles and drones at a military facility in northern Israel in response to Israeli strikes that killed Hezbollah members. According to the Israelis, as a result of this incident, 14 soldiers were injured," the article says.

According to the Israeli side, six soldiers are in serious condition.

Reuters adds that the Israelis also hit the "source of fire", detecting anti-tank missiles and drones moving in their direction from Lebanon.

Israeli media claim that the wounded soldiers were in an assembly hall in the village of Arab al-Aramshe.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 18/04/2024

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