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Sanchez denies intentions to become NATO Secretary General

Jun 5, 2023

On Monday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez denied reports of his intentions to become the new Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to Europa Press, Sanchez said this at a press conference in Madrid on Monday.

According to the Spanish prime minister, his intentions to allegedly become NATO Secretary General are "one of the hoaxes that have been spreading over the past few weeks," and he rules out his candidacy for the post. "I can already tell you no," Sanchez emphasized.


In his opinion, the argument that he wants to lead NATO is being used because they want to justify the fact that he put forward this candidacy because I am looking for a personal way out, I think only about myself, not about Spanish society.

"Well, it's all a deception, and unfortunately, these media are not going to pay as much attention to refute this deception, this disinformation," Sanchez added.

Author - Olena Madiak, 05/06/2023

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