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Scholz jokes about his doppelganger in the US

Feb 9, 2024

During his visit to the United States, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz joked about his resemblance to U.S. Senator Chris Coons.

He posted this on Twitter (X).

Coons and Scholz are very similar to each other - from haircuts to smiles. So the politicians emphasized this and took a photo as a souvenir. "It's nice to see my double again," Scholz jokingly commented on the photo posted on Twitter (X).


Senator Chris Coons also posted a photo with the chancellor on Twitter and wrote in German: "Who is who?".

This is not the first meeting between the politicians. They met back in November 2021, Spiegel reports. Even then, the resemblance between them caused jokes.

Author - Olena Madiak, 09/02/2024

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