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Sweden still hopes to join NATO by July

May 26, 2023

Sweden still hopes to become a member of NATO before the July summit of the Alliance in Vilnius.

This was stated on Friday by Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström, Reuters reports.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine convinced Sweden and Finland last year to abandon their longstanding policy of military neutrality. Last month, Finland joined NATO, but Sweden's membership is being held up by Turkey and Hungary.


"There will be no plan B or anything like that. Plan B is plan A, which is full NATO membership, and that is what I and the government will work for right up to Vilnius," he told reporters.

On Sunday, Turkey will vote in the second round of the presidential election, where incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is leading after the first round. Billström expressed hope that the Turkish parliament will begin the process of ratifying Sweden's accession after the election dust settles.

Sweden and Finland signed a trilateral agreement in Madrid last June aimed at addressing Turkey's security concerns. But Ankara continues to stall, claiming that Stockholm is harboring members of militant groups it considers terrorists.

Author - Olena Madiak, 26/05/2023

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