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The French PM is confident that Ukrainians will resist war with Russia

Apr 20, 2024

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has said that France will continue to support Ukraine in its war with Russia and expressed confidence that, with the help of allies, the Ukrainians will be able to withstand pressure from the Russians. He said this in an interview with BFMTV during his 100-day tenure.

"If we support them, they will continue to hold on," the French prime minister said.

At the same time, Attal said that if Russia wins the war, the cost to the French would be exorbitant.

"Yes, war has its price, but a Russian victory over Ukraine will have an exorbitant price for the French," he said.

Speaking about the consequences that French citizens might feel in the event of a Russian victory, Attal pointed in particular to food inflation and immigration.

The reincarnation of Nostradamus? Stop "expressing support" and help at last! Don't get rid of old equipment by donating it to Ukraine instead of expensive disposal.

Ukraine needs modern air defense, Ukraine needs modern long-range missiles, and so on.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 20/04/2024

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